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Rat & Mouse Removal

Trapping is the number one way to exterminate rodents once they infiltrate your home. We never recommend that homeowners take rodent control into their own hands. Rats and mice chewing and gnawing on wires is the second most common cause of house fires in the United States. The estimated costs of damages to property by rodents in the U.S. is 19 Billion dollars a year.

Rat Control & Extermination

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Roof Rat Removal

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Mouse Removal

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Sealing of Rodent Entry Points

A Permanent Solution to Rodent Control. Sealing of all entry points eliminates the possibility of future rodent infestations. We use a combination of wire mesh, copper cloth, caulking and expandable foam to eliminate rodent problems in your home for good. A thorough sealing is the mark of an experienced rodent exterminator.

Clean Up and Sanitization

Rats and mice are well-known as being carriers of diseases like Hantavirus and bubonic plague. Rodents are constantly urinating and leaving droppings in their path that are commonly referred to as runs. A thorough removal of all droppings and sanitization of infested area is key to keeping your family safe when faced with a rodent problem. Our sanitization services remove both germs and bacteria and effectively eliminate odors.

Monitoring and Population Control

The final stage of an effective rodent removal is the placement of tamper-proof bait stations that hold poison baits that control the population of rodents before they enter your home. Bait stations are a safe and effective way to control rodents in homes, businesses and restaurants. We even offer free bait stations with a monthly monitoring program.

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