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Our Roof Rat Removal Services

Despite rodent control efforts, many large cities in the United States are rodent-plagued, with roof rats being a large part of the problem. Unfortunately, these guests can cause a wide range of problems for homeowners. The Southwest’s warm climate, unique wildlife and desert environment create an open invitation to a multitude of these unwelcomed creatures. Rodents, such as roof rats, are serious pests, and humans certainly gain no benefit from having them around.

To get a rodent problem under control, you must face the problem head on. With over 20 years of combined rodent control experience, our family-owned and operated company works hard to ensure our clients and community are both informed and educated on the ever-growing roof rat problem, as well as a solution to removing them. Rats pose serious health risks, and our Roof Rat Removal and Control services are a responsibility we do not take lightly. These annoying rodents are capable of transmitting diseases and creating safety issues for you and your loved ones. Not only do they leave repulsive odors and contamination as they stir, they create havoc while causing extensive damage to homes, vehicles and crops.

Roof Rat

Extensive Damage & Safety Hazards

Roof rats can cause extensive damage both indoors and outdoors while creating safety hazards for home or business owners. Their strong, powerful teeth enable them to bite through interior walls, plastic and even lead pipes. They can be incredibly destructive as they chew, paw and gnaw their way through anything that gets in their way. Roof rats are excellent climbers and tend to be faster and livelier than other rat species. After creating much damage outdoors, they will make their way inside, where they may pose fire hazards as they are known to tear through insulation and gnaw on electrical wires.

Health Risk

If their ability to destroy your home does not raise concern, perhaps the fact that rattus rattus, also referred to as roof rats, are capable of spreading over 35 diseases to humans will be cause to take action. These infections or health issues can be spread directly through rodent bites or contact with rodent urine, saliva or feces, as well as indirectly through fleas, mites or ticks that are feeding on an infected rodent.

One serious disease, and fatal at times, is Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, HPS. The rodents shed the disease in their feces, urine and saliva, and the disease becomes airborne. Simply breathing in the air that is contaminated can transmit the disease. Touching or handling urine, feces or contaminated items and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth can transmit the disease, as well.

The bubonic plague is an example of how fleas can transmit a serious plague from rats to humans. Although the bubonic plague, or Black Death, is often thought to be extinct, the United States stills sees cases each year. Bubonic plague is caused by the bacterium Y. pestis. A person infected experiences boil-like-enlargements called buboes as the result of the bacterium settling in the lymphatic system. If left untreated, Y. pestis can invade the bloodstream and be fatal.

Identifying a Roof Rat Problem

Signs that a roof rat infestation is present may not always be obvious. Sinks, cupboards, drawers, and other food areas are common places where rodent droppings may be found. Shredded fabric or paper may be evidence of a rodent’s presence, as well. Scratching noises and marks around the eaves of your home are other signs that indicate a problem. Our technicians are trained to provide every home or business with the utmost care, and our customers receive our undivided attention as we work to identify, remove and control these annoying creatures.

While there are three subspecies of roof rats, their behaviors are basically the same, as are the tactics to control them. Identifying the source and then responding quickly with the most effective and safest method are how technicians deploy effective roof rat control. Our company prides itself on customer satisfaction, and our greatest concern is always customer safety. Take action and contact us to take care of your rat roof problem. We look forward to providing you with professional care and service.

With our 24-hour response, we ensure you will have your rodent problem addressed immediately. We make the removal and control of rats, mice, and other rodents easy and hassle-free, providing you with the best customer service experience in the industry.

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