Arizona Field Mice: A Big Problem?

The sunny city of Phoenix, AZ, might be a popular destination year-round thanks to its warm weather and constant sunshine. While this warm weather may be inviting to people from all across the country, it also presents a livable habitat for the field mouse and a source of frustration for homeowners around the city.

What Are Field Mice?

Also known as the long-tailed field mouse, or wood mouse, field mice are among the most common rodents found throughout the state of Arizona. Remarkably unremarkable, with a golden-brown hue and a pale white underbelly, the field mouse is only slightly different from the traditional house mouse. Similar in size to the house mouse, field mice possess larger ears and larger eyes, especially when compared to their size. The tail of the field mouse is longer than its head and body when put together.

Field mice are nocturnal creatures and they traditionally forage for food and resources as the day transitions to night. Field mice love to gather berries as well as seeds when they are not hunting for insects, nuts, fungi, or even snails.

Where Do Field Mice Live?

Field mice are most prevalent at night as they like to forage in the evening. Often, field mice will find themselves relocating to a new property due to cold temperatures, a lack of food, or scarcity of water. Additionally, field mice tend to find human homes rather comfortable and cozy thanks to easy access to heat and food.

Field mice tend to get into homes and external buildings by following gaps in small portions of the property. Here are a few of the most common areas for field mice to target when entering a human domicile.

  • Piping (And Any Gaps Surrounding Them)
  • Through Wire Conduits
  • Because of water-damaged wood
  • Cracks in the Foundation
  • Cracks in Walls and Vents
  • Attic Entrances
  • Basements
  • Garages

Weighing just .83 oz and measuring 3.4 inches long, the field mouse is a tiny creature that can take advantage of many entrances into our homes. As a result of their small size and low body weight, homeowners throughout Arizona must remain cautious to prevent an infestation from occurring.

Signs of a Field Mice Infestation

As field mice are incredibly small creatures, it can help to look for signs and symptoms aside from their physical presence. There are a few easy ways to identify field mice and a few more subtle signs that you can keep an eye out for.

Let’s explore these common signs of a field mice infestation so you know when the right time to call Buzz Tech Pest Control is!

  • Feces / Droppings – Field mice can leave up to 80 droppings per night inside your home, along the floorboards, or even within your cupboards. Droppings are one of the surest signs that mice are present in your home. Feces can impart a strong ammonia-type smell that lingers and grows more intense the closer you get.
  • Greasy Marks – Look around the base of your floorboards and the bottom of your walls. If you notice any grease marks, it could be due to mice scurrying along your floor. These grease marks are easily identifiable and can be found near entrances/exits to the home.
  • Scratching Noises at Night – No, that noise probably isn’t a ghost but it could be a mouse! Field mice are active at night and their scurrying can be heard beneath your floorboards, within walls, and inside of false ceilings. Listen for scratching sounds and try to remember where you heard them to tell your exterminator.
  • Footprints / Tracks – If you have an attic or basement, it might be possible to track small footprints through these dusty environments. You can keep an eye out for rodent tracks as well as tail marks by sprinkling possible hot spots with talcum powder for review in the morning.
  • Live / Dead Mice – The final indicator of a potential field mice infestation is the actual living or deceased body of an animal. Spotting a mouse during the day can be a sure sign of a heavy infestation while finding a dead mouse at any other time can mirror that conclusion.

Are Field Mice Dangerous?

While field mice may weigh under an ounce, they provide a larger level of danger. Due to rodent pheromones, it can be easy for one mouse to signify a larger infestation. A larger infestation carries with it a range of potentially negative outcomes.

  • Negative Smells – From urine and feces to musky smells, the presence of field mice can directly and negatively impact the smell of your home.
  • Ruined Possessions – Field mice will eat papers, insulation, plumbing, clothing, and even wood. Don’t let field mice grow comfortable in or around your home or else you can expect damage to follow.
  • Pest Infestation – Field mice carry with them their own range of potential insect pests. Inviting dirty field mice into the home can lead to further pest problems down the line.
  • Health Issues – Many health problems and diseases can be traced directly to nesting materials, saliva, urine, and feces of mice. With more than 80 droppings per day per mouse, it is easy to see how an infestation can quickly spiral out of control.

While field mice may pose a larger problem than their small size indicates, homeowners throughout Arizona have the ability to fight back to reclaim their peace of mind.

How To Prevent Field Mice In Your Phoenix Home

One of the best ways to fight back an infestation is to prevent it from ever-escalating to begin with. Property owners have a range of tips and tricks they can implement today to better protect their home from a field mouse infestation in the future.

Let’s look at a few ways to prevent field mice from infesting your home.

  • Reduce / Eliminate All Lumber Piles
  • Clean Up Clutter, Trash, and Other Stored Items
  • Immediately Dispose of Waste (Cardboard, Cartons, Boxes)
  • Store ALL Food and Water In Rodent-Proof Containers
  • Fix Leaky Faucets Inside/Outside of Home
  • Tightly Cover ALL Garbage Receptacles

The core goal that every Phoenix homeowner should target is the reduction of potential shelter areas and food sources for rodent activity. By cutting off available resources, it is possible to reduce or outright prevent a potential infestation.

Protect Your Property With Buzz Tech Pest Control

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the option to prevent a rodent infestation. In fact, homeowners must wake up every day and fight against field mice inhabiting their homes. In the unfortunate event that your home has been impacted by pests, you can turn to the team at Buzz Tech Pest Control for a 100% free in-home inspection, today!

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