Tips to Prepare for Rodent Extermination Services in Phoenix

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Does the thought of seeing even one rodent in your house send you into a panic? Residents in Arizona understand that the great outdoors is a draw for people from all over the country. More than just that, the climate and geography of Arizona lends itself to common rodent concerns, as well.  These unwanted visitors may look cute and cuddly on the internet, but the last thing homeowners want is to find one of Arizona’s most common rodents living in their home!

In Arizona, there are quite a few key rodents that we have to watch out for. Some of the most common rodents found within both rural and urban home areas of Arizona include the Roof Rat, Black Rat, and House Mouse. A single rodent may not scream out a cause for concern, but rest assured that an infestation could leave you scrabbling for a professional exterminator.

Before dialing that phone, let’s take a few moments to go over important steps that we can take to prepare for our rodent extermination appointment.

Take Stock of Sanitation Practices

There are few things in the world more inviting to a rodent than a dirt home brimming with poor sanitary habits. We aren’t just talking about the inside of the home, either!  As it turns out, rodents are attracted to poor sanitary practices such as loose garbage can lids, overgrown hedging, and even brush clogging the areas surrounding the foundation of a home.

Here are a few quick ways you can improve the conditions of your home to offset potential rodent infestations in the future. Understand that proper sanitation won’t rid yourself of an existing infestation, however.

  • Secure All Garbage Cans — If you aren’t going to properly secure the garbage cans within and outside your home, you are going to have a bad time. Rodents love the easy access to garbage provided by loose lids and poor sanitation practices. By properly securing your garbage bins when they are filled with trash, we can prevent potential infestations from occurring.
  • Trim Around Foundation — Imagine the width of a pencil, pretty small right? This is roughly the size of an opening that a mouse can use to get inside your home! Now think about the foundation and any potential hedging, bushes, or grass that may be growing. This cover can provide the perfect entrance for rodents into your home. Keep your yard properly maintained, especially near the foundation of your home.
  • Properly Store ALL Food — You might not think about it, but unsecured food items can be found throughout your home — especially when considering the perspective of a roof rat or house mouse. Pay special attention to food in pantries, cupboards, as well as any and all pet food.

Don’t Leave Rodent Droppings For Your Technicians

While it may feel like the right idea to leave any evidence of rodent infestation for your technicians at Buzz Tech Pest Control to use, you probably won’t want to.  Not only are rodent droppings unsightly, but they are also a major health concern for people of all ages and health backgrounds within the home.

If you fear that you have a rodent infestation, make sure that you track any and all droppings around the home. Wear gloves and a face mask while handling all droppings, particularly if you are in an enclosed area with limited airflow such as an attic, garage, or basement area. As you roam through your property cleaning up potential droppings, make sure to take notes to pass onto your technician.

Rodent Proof Your Entire Home by Deep Cleaning

The best way to offset potential rodent infestations in the future is to maintain a clean and sanitary home. With that being said, we can help make our technician’s life easier by cleaning the home prior to their arrival. Not only will this help you to identify any potential droppings (before cleaning them!) but you will also have a chance to tackle small repairs that can go a long way toward preventing further infestations.

As you go throughout your home make sure to take time to tackle the following steps:

  • Sweep and Vacuum — Don’t leave a single inch of your home for the rodents to lay claim to. If this is a war, then make sure you don’t lose any of the winnable battles. Sweep and vacuum your entire home while keeping an eye out for potential droppings or entrances that rodents could use. Take note and pass this information to your pest control technician.
  • Repair Any Holes — We already discussed how mice can squeeze through a hole the width of a pencil, so you likely understand how important this step is. If you are in rural Arizona, mice will find their way in through every potential avenue. Don’t make it easy for them, keep tools on hand to quickly patch and repair any holes or potential entrances to your home. Pay special attention to areas around baseboards, beneath doors, or anywhere that a seal may have become loose.
  • Get Rid of Excess Storage — One of the best things you can do while deep cleaning your home in preparation of a rodent pest control tech is to identify and rid yourself of any excess storage. What we mean by this is simple, target cardboard boxes, old paper trash, clothing, and any other potential item that could provide bedding for a rodent.  Pay special attention to storage in your attic as this is a common entrance for roof rats to begin their infestation.

Explore Pest Control Solutions With Your Technician

Finally, you should be ready to get on the phone with your pest control technician to explore solutions that fit your property. Keep in mind, all infestations are not made the same, nor are all rodents equally dangerous. Roof rats and wild mice have different dangers intrinsic to their infestations. Wild mice can carry the Hantavirus while Roof Rats have sharp teeth, and they can also carry disease within their feces.

Once your pest control specialist arrives, you’ll be ready to explore the different solutions that are available to you. This includes traps, the use of chemical products, manual removal services, and check-ups on a weekly or monthly basis. Rodent infestations are incredibly difficult to suss out, and they can be harder to treat — especially depending on the style of home. A two-story home, for example, will face different issues than a small ranch property.

Tackle Your Next Rodent Problem With Buzz Tech Pest Control

When the time comes to tackle your potential rodent infestation, make sure that you pick up the phone to call the Valley’s top-rated rodent removal and extermination company at Buzz Tech Pest Control.  Buzz Tech Pest Control is a family-owned and operated business based out of Phoenix where they focus on rapid response, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction.

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