DIY Mice Control: Does It Really Work and Is It Worth the Risk?

Mouse Trap Set Up in House


Maybe you’ve heard scurrying in the walls or noticed small holes in bags of bread. Perhaps you’ve actually spotted a furry rodent. Having mice in your home is no picnic, so what should you do to eradicate the problem?

If you’re like many people, your first impulse may be to try handling the problem on your own. However, there are various reasons why this is not a good choice. Keep reading to learn more about the risks with DIY mice control and why you should consider going with a professional mouse control service.

Why DIY Mice Control Doesn’t Work

It can be tempting to try getting rid of your mouse infestation all on your own, but the truth is that this is one of the most challenging DIY projects you could ever take on. It’s one where few who attempt it are successful, and many more end up with other problems (like damage to their home) in addition to still having mice. So while you may have started out trying to get rid of the pests on your own in an attempt to save time and money, you end up losing more of both long-term.

Here’s what you need to know about DIY methods and the risks you are taking by not enlisting the help of a pro:

  • Rodent control products you purchase at your neighborhood supermarket or hardware store are just not very effective and break easily.
  • Any trap or tool you touch with your bare hands is not going to be very effective. Why? Mice can smell you on them, and they will avoid them.
  • Cheese actually isn’t very effective when it comes to catching mice. They prefer other things. Furthermore, they may simply get the food out of the trap and stash it away in your walls to rot.
  • A cat is not going to be of much help. While some types of cats are great at catching mice, the average pet cat is not known for this. Many (if not most) are far more interested in playing with rodents than catching and killing them outright, and even if they do, they won’t dispose of the mouse properly.
  • You may catch some mice on your own, but the infestation is not going to be fully eradicated if you don’t properly seal up every last rodent entry way into your home. The truth is that most homeowners just don’t know all the places to look or how to seal them up.

What Happens if You Let Mice Live in Your Home

Okay, so getting rid of mice on your own didn’t work. Now what? Is it really so bad to just let things be?

Yes, yes it is.

The ugly truth is that letting a mouse infestation go on in your home for too long leads to a whole plethora of problems you just don’t want to have. In addition to structural damage and holes in furniture, mice are infamous for posing some serious health risks by carrying bacteria and diseases harmful to humans. Especially in Arizona, deer mice are known for spreading illnesses among humans. Even if you or your family members do not have direct contact with the rodents, you may unwittingly be exposed to the diseases they carry by touching something they have urinated or spit on. Their feces can also be hard to spot (at least immediately), and this too can be rife with bacteria.

Why Professional Mice Control Works

Let’s face it– when you want something done right, it’s always best to leave it in the hands of professionals. Professionals specially trained to deal with rodent infestations in a variety of ways that won’t damage your home. Additionally, the pros also have access to equipment and tools that are not readily available to the public because they require training and knowledge to use properly.

Basically, when those simple mouse traps you bought at a local supermarket just aren’t working, it’s definitely time to call in the pros with their state-of-the-art traps and years of experience. Here’s what you can expect with professional mouse control services and why it works:

  • Before any traps or chemicals are used, your home will be thoroughly inspected in order to determine the severity of the infestation and the best course of action to take
  • In order to make sure you’re on the same page, your specific infestation professional will discuss all available options first with you before proceeding
  • Any traps used are high-quality and tamper-resistant to prevent escape or disabling
  • All potential entry points into your home for rodents will be sealed up securely (to prevent future furry visitors), as well as any “travel points” inside your home
  • If the situation calls for it, different pest control methods will be employed in different areas of your home and / or inside and outside
  • All captured / deceased mice will be removed from your home and surrounding property so you do not have to deal with any cleanup yourself
  • Steps will be taken to prevent future infestations
  • You will be kept updated throughout the process!

If you have questions about mice control and how the issue can be quickly eradicated, reach out to the experts at Buzz Tech. We have years of experience handling rodent infestations in Arizona homes with efficiency and effectiveness. So whether you’ve already tried to handle mice on your own or are looking to just save yourself the trouble right from the start, we’re here to take the infestation off your hands and make your home yours again!