Identifying, Eliminating, and Preventing Rodent Infestations

Rodent on Black Background


Rodents are a nuisance. Rats, mice and all the revulsion that comes along with them are a serious issue when you have an infestation. They leave behind droppings, carry disease, and damage property. They come around homes and other property looking for food and a safe place to birth their young, making your problem grow worse. The last thing you want when you turn off the light to go to sleep at night is hearing them scurrying around looking for food and water.

If you live in Phoenix, keeping rodents at bay is a must. Roof rats are a common problem in Phoenix and wreak havoc on property. At Buzz Tech, we can help you get rid of your rodent problem and prevent it from happening again. Read on to learn more about rodent infestation in Phoenix and how Buzz Tech solves the problem.

Identifying Rodents

The first step to eliminating rodents is identifying them. You may start by looking for droppings, but in some cases you’ll only find these if the infestation is severe. You can still have an infestation without ever seeing any droppings. However, the places where you are most likely to find rodent droppings are around food packages, under the sink, and in or around drawers and cupboards. Another sign that rats or mice are making your home their home is the presence of nesting materials such as fabric, dried plants, and shredded paper. Also, look for signs of chewing on food packaging, as well as through walls and floors. This is where the rodents have made entry points to get inside your home. A stale smell coming from secluded areas can be another sign of a rodent infestation.

Eliminating Rodents

When you see a mouse or rat scurry across the floor, you first thought might be to lay out some mouse traps. This method is somewhat effective but won’t solve the infestation. The only way to do this is through rodent exclusion. This is a method used to diminish the conditions that are attracting the rodents in the first place. Without these measures in place, an infestation will not go away. Even if you don’t have a severe infestation at the moment, without rodent exclusion methods, the infestation will only get worse. You’ll never get rid of them.

At Buzz Tech, we practice rodent exclusion methods for our clients in order to help eliminate a rodent infestation and keep the property rodent-free. If fact, we don’t recommend you wait for an infestation to first occur before including these methods in your rodent prevention routine. Here are some of the methods we use to keep rodents off your property. These are also things you can do yourself on a regular basis to keep your property rodent-free.

  • We seal all holes both inside and outside your property to keep the rodents out for good.
  • We identify and remove sources of food and water.
  • We identify and remove any items around your property that can be used for shelter and nesting.
  • We inspect your garage and recommend tight-fitting containers.
  • We inspect areas where there could be unknown sources of food and clean these up.
  • When controlling an infestation, we recommend you do not feed birds. The left over food will only go to feed the rodents.

Treating an Infestation with Buzz Tech

Each rodent infestation is different. While there may be commonalities with many rodent infestations, at Buzz Tech we treat each case as unique. This means that the methods we use for extracting rodents from one property may be different for another. The methods depend upon the type of rodent, the type of property, and the size of the infestation. Once we do an assessment of your property and determine the type and scope of the infestation we will either use manual removal or anti-rodent chemical products to get rid of the infestation. The time it takes for the infestation to be done and over with depends upon the size and scope of the problem. Also, a follow up visit is highly recommended to make sure the infestation is completely gone.

If you think you have a rodent problem at your property, contact Buzz Tech today. One of our friendly, and highly trained technicians will come out to your property to help. Don’t wait until it gets any worse, call us today. No one wants to live with rats and mice. It’s unhealthy and unsanitary. Take care of your rodent problem right now with Buzz Tech.