Rodent Population in Phoenix: How Big of a Problem Are They & How Can You Protect Your Home?


Finding a mouse or rat in the home is a terrible way to start the day for anyone in the Phoenix area. Yet, the various rodents that live throughout the region often find their way into the homes and commercial buildings of people throughout the city and the surrounding areas. The better people understand the problem that rodents can bring to the area, and how they can protect their homes, the easier it will be to ensure that your home remains free of these potentially disease-carrying creatures.

Here is what all residents of Phoenix should know.

Rodents Found in Phoenix

There are a number of different types of rodents found in the region. Some of the most common include the following:


The woodrat, which is also known as the packrat, is most notable for its long tail that has fur.  They are common in the deserts in the western part of the country and like to build nests. They will collect a variety of different types of plant materials to build their nests and tend to be very drawn to ‘shiny’ objects.


Mice have lived alongside humans for thousands of years. Generally, adults will reach a length of 3-4 inches long, with a life expectancy of about a year. They are one of the most common pests that can invade homes and other buildings, potentially causing damage to electrical wires, damage to furniture, and contaminating food supplies.

Roof Rats

Roof rats can also be referred to as black rats or ship rats. Roof rats are often brown and black, reaching a potential size of 6-8 inches, not including the tails. They can damage buildings by gnawing on them, contaminating food, and transmitting disease.

Norway Rats

Norway rats are larger than roof rats, though they cause damage similarly through gnawing and transmitting disease. These rats are generally 7-9.5 inches long and are largely brown.

Rodents, a Growing Problem in Phoenix

Neighborhoods in and around the Phoenix area have found that the population of some of these common rodents has begun to grow. Towns and neighborhoods have begun campaigns to help them eradicate these pests, but have had little success thus far. The city itself has been named one of the ‘rattiest’ in the country.

Roof rats, in particular, have been noted for their growing presence. Although they have only been in the state since around the year 1900, they have thrived in the warm conditions present here. Areas such as Arcadia, Phoenix, and Yuma have all noticed upticks in the number of rats in the area.

How to Protect Your Home

When people realize the prevailing problem of rats, mice, and other rodents in their region, they want to know what they can do to protect their home from an infestation.

One of the best ways to keep rodents away is to block any entrance points they might have to the home. Rodents and pests can fit through surprisingly small holes, some less than an inch wide, which means that thoroughly securing the home is necessary.

A variety of means can be used to seal up homes to keep the rodents out. This includes wire mesh, caulking, and expandable foam to seal any potential entry point and keep the creatures out.

Homeowners should also keep their homes and yard free of any type of debris or food that might attract the attention of the rodents. Regularly clearing out the spaces around the home can make it harder for the rats to find spaces to hide and forage before entering the home, which in turn makes them less likely to find any entrance points to your building.

Unfortunately, the biggest downside of these DIY strategies is that they are not always effective, particularly in areas with large rat populations. It is easy for the untrained eye to miss potential entry points or other rodent attractions.

There are a few telltale signs that homeowners can also watch for that would give them a clear indication that they might be developing problems with rats or other rodents. If they start to see any signs of rat droppings or the damage they cause, such as gnawed wires, then it is time to take more steps to eliminate the problem before the infestation becomes overwhelming.

Traps and bait can help to eliminate a few rats that have begun to move into the home. We recommend, however, that if you start to see rodents or clear signs that they have moved into the home, that you work with a rodent removal expert.

The Benefits of Working with a Local Rodent Removal Expert

Phoenix exterminators who have experience in this field will work to eliminate the pests from your home on multiple fronts. Not only will they lay the traps and bait needed to eliminate any existing colonies, but they will also help homeowners seal up any potential entry points to their home. They will also help the owners sanitize their homes to prevent the common rodent-carried diseases from spreading. Monitoring programs will make it easy for homeowners to make sure that once the pests are gone, they stay away as well.

Dealing with rodents in Phoenix can feel like a big hassle, but taking steps to protect the home can help protect everyone involved. If you need professional help with rodent control in Phoenix, reach out to the team at Buzz Tech. With over 3,000 rodent services completed, we are confident we can help you as well. We look forward to serving you.